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What not to do in Namibia

Namibia is a great country to visit, either during your vacations or to live for a specific period of years. Having a good wide life, atmospheres, and oceans, it is actually worth visiting during a lifetime. But, have you ever wondered that there are certain “things not to do in Namibia?” In this article, I will be revealing to you these things but before then, it is essential that I talk a little about its historical setting before it became what it is today.

Historical Background

Before the Nineteenth century, Originally from San, Damara, Hereto, and; Nama Bushmen for millennia, the people that occupied it were people with a culture that is very peaceful and are also wealthy in nature. Among these sets of groups, the most popular among them are the San Bushmen. People have the notion that these people are regarded as originally; the most ancient people in the neighborhood of South Africa, Namibia, and; Botswana. These people lived their lives in a nomadic way, hunting in the bushes around them.

The arrival of the German Colonists

During those periods, just as it is in other countries of Africa, (surprisingly, to the community of the local citizens), The arrival of the Europeans took place in the Nineteenth Century. However, during the 1880s, the colonists from Germany arrived at Walvis Bay shoreline. This made them acquire the area they landed which was quickly named as ‘South West Africa’ for the Germans (being referred to as Prussia initially before the arrival of the colonists as at those periods). The complete uniqueness earned by its citizens in this area was due to the occupation they engaged in. German, being a larger part of its structural setting, it is known that a publication is written in the German language with a huge number of the people that speaks German added it to their dialects being one among their mother tongues.

The Hetero Revolt

Although in Africa, during the era of most Colonia empires, the citizens in the large population were forced to observe punishments that were severe and brutal which lead to the deaths of some. The Hetero Revolt, which spanned from 1904 to 1907 was known. Resulting into the genocide that took place for the very first time in the 20th century came as an outcome of the people of Nama and the Herero, who stood against the challenge by getting themselves armed, waging war against them repelling the attacks that are launched on its citizens.

The Apartheid

It was declared by the officials of the Government of German to carry out a total wipe-out of the inhabitants of Namibia, resulting in huge destruction of the people of Nama, and about 80 percent of the people of Hereto were wiped out. In the Twentieth century, this served as the beginning of the years of segregation of races (apartheid as being referred to by some) that had a long-term dominance in this country.

With the few historical backgrounds of this African country, it is good to arrive at the conclusion that Namibia is such a great country to visit being a first-timer or tourist. The followings are the things not to do in when you get to Namibia.

What not to do in Namibia

When you have the opportunity to pay a visit to Namibia, there are certain things to put into consideration, which you should ensure not to make an attempt to do. I have come across many blogs that hints and tips on the lists of things you should do when you get to Namibia. Regardless, I have taken my time to make a compilation of certain things you should not do when you get to beautiful this country.

1. Do not stop Mingling: when you get to Namibia, either it is your first time or not, always ensure that you do not stop associating yourself with the locals. It’s essential not to stay away from these people because they are a group of people that are extremely wonderful and lively. Namibians are a set of people that are naturally different and have a nature that is friendly. Among the people of Namibia are the people of Twasna. These set of people are regarded as the smallest in terms of culture. Tswana people will get you fully equipped with dancing skills that are very attractive among the host of interesting things they have. The indigenous people that are referred to as the Himbas will leave you in a strong feeling of amusement and respect. The Himbas with a display of an earthy usually red or yellow painted skin and often impure iron ore used as a pigment would make you recollect the country’s wonderful red dunes. However, not associating yourself with these people can deprive you of certain entertainments during your stay.

2. Do not skip history: When you visit Namibia, ensure you do not skip the monumental form of attractions of history, geology, attractions of natural things such as the beach, and; archaeological facts.

Apart from being a historical attraction, Christus Kirche is very attractive to the eyes which are located in Windhoek. In the celebration of the end of a long-standing rivalry between the Germans, the people of Hetero, the Ovamo, and; the Khoikhoi. On the 16th of October 1910, regarded as the church of peace, the commissioning of this church was done to celebrate the end to unrest among these nations. Furthermore, among the historical monuments, you shouldn’t skip on your visit is to Namibia is the Prison structure which is located in Swakopmund. The prison is an ancient building which was constructed between the year 1907 and 1909. Another fascinating environment is the Keetmanshoop, do not miss a visit to observe an assortment of quiver trees. The name of the tree was derived from the people of San. Quivers are gotten from the trees’ branch.

3. Do not drive off-road: Driving around the cities of Namibia can be quite an interesting activity. But when you do, ensure that it is not done off the major roads. When you do this, it may result in either getting your route being missed or being held in a particular area you are not familiar with. It may be difficult to trace back your route and when you are stuck till nightfall, you would have the star lights surrounding you and night sounds. This is absolutely beautiful. Isn’t it? No. It is not. Do not engage in it. To miss one’s route or getting missed can be a terrific incidence most particularly when one misses in the region of the desert. As you have shown and indicated on the GPS (Geo Positioning System) and map, always remain on the road. When you stick to these precautions, you are not only doing it for protective reasons but also getting the ecosystem protected. Certain areas such as the Swakopmund North field are habitats to certain plants such as the fog lichen.

Another factor that is necessarily important to put into consideration is whenever you are in the cities of Namibia, ensure you have very safe driving. Always drive carefully and cautiously because during the night and the daytime, there’s a difference in the condition of roads. It is also important that you do not drive when you are not familiar with certain road conditions such as the sandy or muddy area as the outcome can be life-threatening. While you drive, ensure you do not act bravely, trying to show a noticeable strength and aggression. But instead, when you’re not familiar with the routes, drive cautiously and with care.

If you’re chanced to drive in a region that is remote, ensure that your car is fully fueled to drive you to where you intend going. Although, there’s the availability of fuel in Namibia it is important to fill up your tank. Also, do not drive without having certain repair tools should any emergency arise. Keep a reasonable quantity of water and snack.

4. Do not be selective in a meal: Namibia is a country that has several kinds of delicious foods. Ranging from local meals to foreign meals. Pearl millet, meat and pap, kapana, and fat cakes to mention but few are among the nation’s dishes to keep you yearning for more.

5. Do not hire a car: due to the beautiful cities of Namibia, you may prefer touring around but when you do, Do not be tempted to get a specific car hired before you can begin to drive around. There are probabilities that you might wonder if you would require to hire a 4×4 or not to cruise around. In a simple reply, a lot of roads in Namibia are good. Therefore, a Sedan isn’t bad for touring around.

Finally, do not be reminded to have fun as Namibia is a beautiful place to visit.


With a lot of beautiful landscapes, natural resources, archaeological buildings, and so on, Namibia is definitely a place to be. However, observing the “what not to do” would absolutely make your stay a very interesting one.

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