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The 5 Best universal travel adapter in 2020

The marketplaces have millions of diverse universal travel adapters to sell to you and the majority of these adopters are terrible! However, if you’re looking for a light, properly fit, reliable, without flaw adopter for your comfy, consider reading this blog on the best Universal Travel Adapter!

We have the best options for you after several studies on multiple adapters! We’re sure these highlighted here will serve your ultimate needs! However, we will give you a nutshell of what you should consider before buying any universal travel adapter!


Look for these features in every universal travel adapter

  • Destination friendly

When looking for the adapter to buy, consider your traveling destination. You might also plan to reduce bulky load, to make the trip easy! Therefore, get an ultimately streamlined converter. Such a converter may indeed function in some areas; it is helpful to consider it while planning.

Conversely, universal travel adapter are always efficient in whichever place you decide to go to.  Therefore, a continuous jetsetter could see the universal travel adopter as the best option.

  • USB Ports

New converters feature carry-come USB ports, for removing the need for a USB to outlet modifier for empowering phones and tablets. So you can power many devices at once. Is this not great for families? Everyone member’s gadgets will be an additional device on the way!  Consider this before making any choice.

  • Affordability

This matters and also how durable it is. If you are not sure of its long-lasting features, look for alternatives. Spending tons of capital to get a converter which will not last is a very difficult issue for many people. Therefore check the price and its relationship to durability as you travel constantly!


  1. The Unidapt Model

Consider this device if you’re looking for the best travel adapter to suit your travel needs!  It does every basic well.  It is sold at a very reasonable price, with lots of deals, offers and discounts make the deal profitable to you! The workings of this adopter are special as it can function in about 60 and more countries!


  • It has some compatibility highlights written in bold letter on a fold-up manual plus a beautiful carry-case that offers additional security from bumps as well as scratches during transit.
  • It carries every normal input plugs plus three-pin editions such as; type B -North America, with type I-Australasia. Although the third pin is not grounded, it takes a wide spectrum of key USB options.
  • Since the majority of tripping systems are powered via USB sockets, travel adapters with enough of them are vital. So this design has 4 USB-A sockets at an with a USB-C unit on the other side.
  • It features an overall USB output of 5.6 amps and an optimal per-port
  • 2.4 amps output for USB-A units plus 3 amps for a USB-C.
  • Based on your gadgets, this is good for powering many phones as well as tablets at optimum speed; you can utilize all 5 for lesser-power devices such as; headphones and kindles.


  • Wide-spectrum of sockets, plus a USB-C
  • Fits firmly inside power outlets
  • Spare fuse in the adapter


  • It may hinder the adjoining power inputs spaces
  • FLIGHT 001 4-IN-1

If you seek to travel carry-on only, or you seek to go with light, reliable, or small but the mighty bag, consider getting this best featherweight option!  The Flight 001 design’s one of the top universal adapters, made using 4-lightweight color-encrypted pieces which slot smoothly together without blocking the adjoining sockets!


  • The universal travel adapter features a sturdy built structure. You can easily rate the adapter via its solid look. Flight 001 does not compromise its durability traits as it gets stronger with time!
  • Unlike other adapters, Flight 001 can handle 2 and 3 pin standard plugs, and it arrives ready for use in a mini-box form which highlights the countries where each piece could work in.
  • There is an absence of USB sockets, but you can get a quality one to fit in.


  • Durable
  • Smallish in nature, and a lightweight
  • Allows adjoining sockets
  • Fits neatly into the power outlets


  • Absence of USB sockets
  • Ceptics GP-12PK Plug Set

This is another option to consider when you searching for a “universal” travel adapters to handle your trip in more than 150 cities! It utilizes; North American, Australasian, UK, or European-style sockets! Tag along for its features!


  • This device enables the plugging of a pre-existing device into any of its sockets, and it assimilates inputs from anywhere. It accepts electronics from a random destination and allows use wherever you go globally.
  • You’ll have 12 different adapters, if you don’t have much space, buy the kit. It’s very flexible, affordable, and can power all your gears anytime!


  • Versatile in its functionality
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Compatible in many countries and their devices


  • No carry case and USB sockets
  • iKits 4-Port USB Wall Charger

Buy this when you need to charge your tablets, phones more you’re your laptops with hairdryers! This iKitsbrand features four qualityUSB-A ports which could produce approximately 2.4 amps through a sole socket or approximately 6.8 amps.

You can, therefore, instantaneously power two smartphones, pair of tablets, 4 lesser-power devices such as; Kindles, plus wireless headphones, with this universal adapter.


  • A North-American-design plug
  • 3 connectors with auto-clip on or off
  • A mini-bag for storage of units
  • Durable and light
  • Comfy clip-on plug adapters


  • No USB-C sockets
  • BESTEK 220V to 110V Converter/Adapter

Are you heading to a city with another type of mains voltage or power to your city, you ought to cautiously check the adapter you are considering buying with its specifications! However, this adapter on our blog will handle whatever you’re planning to plug in it!


  • This adapter could allow new voltages with the voltage converter. The BESTEK design changes a 220-240v standard that is utilized majorly in Europe, Asia, as well as Oceania to a110v-supply utilized within North America plus other places.
  • It’s designed for smaller devices such as electric toothbrushes, but not for heavy-duty devices. The universal adapter is larger than the standard tripping adapter.
  • This means that it comprises of 3 North American 3-pin power sockets, as well as 4 USB sockets plus 6.8 amps overall output. It consists of some clip-on plugs for 150+ cities, with a backdrop warranty from the manufacturers for two years in duration.


  • Converts voltage plus plug type
  • Multiple AC
  • Multi-USB sockets
  • Easy clip-on plugs


  • Heavy-duty
  • Insten Universal Travel Adapter

This universal travel adapter does the task of other adapters with little or no fuss. You should consider buying this Insten design and come back to thank us! Let’s highlight the features!


  • This is a generic device that functions in various ways. It converts a plug type to another. It has some fundamental security units which will protect your device from being burnt by high-power surges.
  • This is one of the most reliable, and most affordable under ten bucks. The material make makes it durable as well as portable.
  • Its heavy plugs could easily pull it out from a wall completely. So you can easily wedge it with some backpack or other heavy thins.


  • Cheap
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Absence of USB sockets
  • Ceptics World Travel Adapter Set

This comprehensible set comes is a multi-input adapter! It features 2 type B outlets, 2 USB-A sockets, as well as a built-in micro-USB wire. So, if you’re searching for an adapter to power five devices simultaneously, this is the one-stop-get-it all device for you!


  • 13 diverse plugs are encompassed here. They can clip on or off the posterior section of the universal adapter to handle your trips in various cities via Afghanistan to cities like Zimbabwe.
  • The adapter features a built-in surge security unit that protects against voltage spikes and surges. The voltage indicator enables you to have a view of the 220v plus 110v light-illuminate as soon as you plug the adapter into a wall.
  • The kit has a drawstring pocket that fits numerous adapters to secure them.


  • Universality
  • Capacity is 5-devices simultaneously
  • Comfy clip-on plugs
  • Pouch present


  • Absence of USB-C sockets


Having the best travel adapter is not easy because of many marketers and their scams in various markets. Owing to that, our reviewers examined the majority of these adapters for some days! Our criteria for testing these best travel adapters via the most significant features when utilizing them for travel.

We also checked the prices as well as to the number of their USB ports! At last, we were able to get the major things that could make your expectations fulfilled! We hope we were able to help you in making your choice of the best travel adapter!

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