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7 best travel backpack with wheels in 2020

Traveling could be exciting if you plan to go with your necessities only! However, traveling with the essential items is not as easy as ABC! Whenever you’re planning to travel, stop, and decide if you will be going with the suitcase or Backpack. You should think of using the best traveling bag that could join your desire for luxury trips and a backpacking undertaking!

Here, we’ve got the best Backpack with wheels for travel!

Our 7 best travel backpack with wheels are affordable and well-designed for you! These backpacks will help you make decisions without compromising comfort, especially when you’re tripping to far countries!


  • Materials

The material makes up is vital because you wouldn’t want the bag to let you down! So be on the watch out for the sturdy bag, durable, portable and active Backpack! Consider what will happen when you’re carrying it upon your back, and in the case of suitcases, when you’re using the wheel! Additionally, the Backpack’s material make-up must be stubborn to water; that is, it should have wipe proof!

  • The zip trails with the pulls

You should consider how sturdy the zip tracks plus the pulls are, and its telescopic or retractable suitcase-model handle! A sturdy wheel framework is needed with a good stand-in, any great backpack! This feature will stop your Backpack from toppling over whenever it stands upright.

  • Durability

This feature is based on the material made of the bag! You know your trip does not end after one trial, so you should select the highly durable one.

  • Size

Are you a light packer? Or are you going for an extended period of stay? Reviews stated that the 80l wheeled backpacks are better than the 80l bag with no wheels.

The recommended dimensions for the best carry-on backpacks are 22″ x 18″ x 10″/56 x 45 x 25 cm! Always remember not to overpack, if you’re considering these measurements!

  • Comfort

Look for good brands that will offer you enough flexibility when passing through different heights.

Ensure that the lower back unit of any bigger backpack has a slight bending unit, and it is of flexible material for proper! It must be breathable and well-padded! These features are always an accurate indication that the bag is excellent. Adjustable hip, chest straps, and comfy of its wheels over the hip, whenever you’re using it as a rucksack, is worthy of consideration!

  • Model

Ensure that the design is unique and could fit your choice of electronics and clothes. Dark colors are sometimes preferable because you can hardly notice dirt! So if you are traveling for a long time, you should consider the color that will not highlight dirt easily!

Now, let’s look into the travel backpack with wheels.


  1. Osprey backpacks Sojourn 80 Wheeled.

Consider this Backpack that is popular for its back system featuring an AG-AntiGravity mesh with trampoline holdup!


  • The material makes Ballistic Nylon
  • It comes in Flash Black, Hoodoo Red, or in Nitro Green
  • The Built-in foam, straight Jacket plus inside compression strings, will protect your items and lessons folds!
  • There is an accessory plus liquid section for storing dirty clothes to safeguard your belongings. This Backpack is equipped with HighRoad Chassis, which guarantees an easy ride moment, notwithstanding the surface quality!


  • With this Backpack, you can merge business and adventure
  • Stylish design
  • Elegant looking
  • A convertible backpack or suitcase
  • It is of medium size
  • Comfy and a one-stop for transits from business trips to the backpacking system!


  • Heavy
  • Osprey Ozone 36 Convertible

Get this Backpack with a suspended netback unit for any adjustment you desire! It has an ergonomic expandable hand for quick carrying and the LT Ultralight metal Chassis. The cabin size with its dimensions tallies with the EU standard for hand luggage! See other features!


  • The material make up is 210D Nylon-Shadow case
  • The dimensions are H 50cm by W 36cm by D 23cm
  • And the weight is 2.16 kg


  • A compact bag
  • Useful for a day-packing plus business rucksack
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Very costly
  • Kathmandu Hybrid 70L Backpack Harness Wheeled Luggage Trolley v3

You may consider this Backpack with durable wheels, which enables excellent comfort when carrying it in different travel conditions! The fold-out Backpack features an extendable hand for smooth movement, while its lockable zips and docking points make your trip a memorable period!


  • The unique size is 70L, and the material is of Honeycomb Ripstop plus a Nylon Ballistic inside and outside the mat.
  • It comes in different colors of light Grey, Black and Olive Green-50L, Claret, or Flamingo. And the dimensions are L 79cm by H 37cm by W 37cm
  • The featherweight and spacious nature are exceptional. It can effortlessly change into the best Backpack because of the backpack straps covering it.
  • You can easily have entrance into the major compartment, unlike the standard backpacks that are opened via its top
  • It has both inner and outer mesh pockets and a daypack attachment system to hook up the GluonTM daypack.


  • Good for camping
  • Good for hiking
  • Backpacking made easy
  • Suitable for every transport method like long-haul flights, campervan, ferry, and public transport!
  • Durable for long-lasting trips
  • A high-quality tripping bag which is affordable somehow.
  • Spacious
  • A larger bag than the cabin


  • The Backpack is not included.
  • Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel 120L

Are you looking for an easy and accessible bag that can withstand a hand on gloves? Thanks to this finger-friendly bag, with 2-big heavy-duty wheels! It offers maximum security against different terrain types, bumpy roads plus rough terrain


  • The material is of Bi-TechTM “Armor Lite Polyester.”
  • It comes in numerous other sizes, and it is of water repellent fabric nature, which serves as an abrasion repellant!
  • It has 6 lash pivots that enable bag anchorage to the roof racks, padded top plus a U-Shaped cover which allows comfortable use of the significant compartment area
  • The brand has a storm flap that shields zippers during a rainy period and lockable zippers.
  • There is a gear unit, handles, with strong wheels to handle rough terrains. The backpack strips are easily removable.
  • You can carry it in four ways, by holding adjustable backpack straps, pulling handle plus wheeling, side handles, and stretches out top haul handling method.
  • There is foam padding at its base which offers quality protection for its contents, and a smooth shell, quadrilateral design


  • Heavy and spacious
  • Highly durable for luggage
  • Protects items against damage plus effect of various terrains


  • Thinner material make
  • Mountain Warehouse Voyager 50L Wheelie

This is another excellent travel backpack with wheels to consider! The material is 100% nylon with Pu covered polyester and size of 50L! It comes in several Black Dimensions and has an understandable weight of approximately 3 kg. The dimension is according to the standard recommended for traveling backpacks. Check this out!


  • Its padding is on adjustable top straps for comfort, and the solid wheels make durability easy. The smooth wheels offer quick movement on every surface. The compression straps help in balancing and reduction of the total volume
  • It is made with durable polyester making it resist different backpacking trips. It also has compartments and pockets for you to store items. The pockets also protect your belongings


  • Very affordable
  • Durable


  • Not much-dividing pockets
  • Cabin Max-Manhattan Hybrid wheeled Backpack

If you would like a suitcase-style backpack, get this bag! It is 44L in size with an exterior UV-covered Twill and suede material. Consider this!


  • Its weight is 2.9 kg, and it has 2 high-quality trollies. The backpack straps could be tucked away in a rear area.
  • The suitcase-model opening features lockable primary compartment, while its handles help lift inner compressions strings for optimum space use


  • Good for short trips
  • Good for light travelers
  • Looks stylish


  • Small capacity and a bit heavy
  • Karrimor Transit Wheel case 70L

This is another one to consider if you are looking for a great travel backpack with wheels to make your day!


  • The size is 70L, and they are available in Black and Grey.
  • Other sizes are available, too, especially in the Transit Wheel case 40L. The dimensions are of an acceptable standard, and it has a removable shoulder string hidden away.
  • The mesh-covered padded hands aid in carrying it with a retractable hand for quick wheeling about.
  • The front pocket is easy to access when looking for a document, and the inner lining suitcase with 2 compression strings hold the bag contents down!


  • They are durable
  • Affordable


  • It is not made with sturdy material.


We have highlighted this best Backpack with wheels for travel. Therefore, selecting your desired travel backpack with wheels is now made easy for you. These backpacks have these qualities listed here and more alluring features. Ensure you don’t make mistakes whenever you are traveling. The best Backpack with wheels for travel could make your trip memorable! Bon, voyage!

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