Things to do in Knoxville,Tennessee

The city of Knoxville is located on the Tennessee River in eastern Tennessee. There are many things to do all year round, including delicious Southern food and a lovely downtown filled with history! If you’re visiting this popular destination then be sure not miss your chance for an unforgettable road trip when taking only one hour away from it – Great Smoky Mountains National Park awaits just outside its borders while containing some wonderful hiking trails as well historical sites

The great city of Knoxville,TN is nestled in the state known for its beautiful surrounding landmarks, like The Tennessee River and its equally breathtaking mountains. This town has so much to offer! There are museums that cover everything from history to culture; history centers where you can learn about local events or watch videos on topics such as logging days gone by.

You’ll also find parks with scenic views like downtown’s People which offers outdoor sculptures made entirely out steel–a really cool walking tour if I’ve ever seen one! and theaters putting onstage productions every night.

Knoxville,Tennesse is a great destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. There are plenty of museums and educational exhibits to keep you busy, as well as an excellent zoo with a 100% operated children’s theater!

World’s Fair Park

World’s Fair Park is a must-see for locals and tourists alike. The park has been the venue of many events,
including World’s Fairs in 1982 and 1986 to name just two! It still stands as one of Knoxville’s most loved
attractions today – you can’t miss it with all those quirky fountains that gush water or singe your ears when
light shines on them (or both). When summertime rolls around there are also live music performances happening here every weekend during holiday periods.

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

The McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture is easily recognizable thanks to the dinosaur that greets guests on its front lawn, Monty. The aim of this museum is simply put: To showcase all things Tennessee-related in nature–there are fossils from every era as well as special exhibits about periods like Civil War times or Native American heritage!

Tennessee Theater

The Tennessee Theater is a gorgeous old theater that has been around since 1928, when it first opened its doors as just another movie palace. Nowadays you can find period antiques like original crystal chandeliers and marble floors here along with Asian textiles too! If your taste runs towards the classics then this venue will not disappoint – they have had some great concerts by artists.

Mabry-Hazen House Museum

The Mabry-Hazen House Museum is located on the gorgeous Mabry Hill and used to be one of America’s most famous families. The house dates from 1858, making it a great resource for preserving history in Tennessee during that time period; but what makes this museum so interesting are all its secrets still hidden
deep within these walls—from everyday life as well as Civil War battles fought around them back then!

Knoxville Zoo

The Knoxville Zoo is home to 900 animals, including exotic ones like Komodo dragons and Khaleesi. You can go on an animal encounter session where you’ll get up close with the creatures that live in their natural habitats; there are also other attractions such as splash pad (a great place for families), theater rides/showgrounds – which feature performers acting out scenes from around our globe while they ride horses backwards! A beautiful thing indeed…

East Tennessee History Center

If you’re looking for something to fill your time while the kids are at school or daycare, head over the East Tennessee History Center. You’ll find a range of interactive exhibits that will take you back 300 years in American history and let visitors learn about what life was like up until now! There’s also plenty here designed specifically with young minds in mind – perfect if this is not only an educational opportunity but fun too!

Ijams Nature Center

The Ijams Nature Center is a hidden oasis in the heart of Tennessee. The center’s founder, Harry Ijams originally opened it as a sanctuary for birds and now boasts 300 acres with an immersive wildlife preserve that includes hiking trails through gorgeous creeks alongside lush greenery-filled groves to rock climbing on challenging cliffsides near waterfalls or perfect spots for canoing along lazy stretches of riverbank under willow trees swaying gently overhead
while songbirds chirp cheerfully at your approach. Totally worth every step!

Explore James White’s Fort

James White’s Fort is the perfect spot to learn more about Tennessee’s history and how it all began with a man named James White. Built in 1796, this historic site offers visitors an immersive experience that allows them access into both military duties as well educational opportunities for their children or grandchildren! admission costs $7 per adult – so pack your wallet because you’ll want these types of stories inside yours too!.

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