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Things not to Do in Thailand

Thailand is among the widely held traveler destinations; it is not just popular in Asian countries but also well-known globally. It is primarily known in places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket as well as KoSamui. The truth is that Thailand gives lots of attractions and amusements or entertainment, which assures a memorable trip or vacation.

The temples, the beaches, and the evening displays are with the most adorable characteristics of Thailand. Despite all these, you shouldn’t forget there are things not to do in Thailand and doable things. You cannot behave as you want.

Remember what a written proverb says: “behave like the Romans when you are in Rome.” Thus, you must be very humble and respectful whenever having a trip to Thailand. If you carry on with the reading, you will get more knowledge about things not to do in Thailand. There are sufficient of what-not-to-do things to keep in mind, but here are the top 12.


  1. Don’t ever think of overstaying your welcome in Thailand.

People who traveled to Thailand for Tourism and travelers that flew to Thailand on their vacation periods sometimes hesitate to leave. They follow the wrong procedure to get a visa extension. But this is not lax in their contrast to a third world city. As per the current 2019 laws concerning visa extension processes, staying more than the visa date of departure for some hours could be waived out for you! However, if you stay more than one day, you will be made to pay a penalty of 16 USD to 627 USD!

If you overstay your visit for more than 90days, you’ll attract a passing re-entry ban, which is about a year or more. Therefore, if you plan to book a ticket to Thai, be sure that you have a route. Also, travel with a verified document! Of all things not to do in Thailand, this one is the simplest.

  • Don’t disrespect the people and their culture.

To enjoy Thailand at best, respect their culture and traditional beliefs. Each country of the world has a culture which a tourist ought to respect to maintain peace ad other. So always heed to respecting these issues, and you will have a pleasant experience and very free!

  • Don’t disrespect the monks.

In Thailand, if you touch the monks, as they are majorly respected figures, you will be punished. So, keep your distance from their monks! Even when the rule of no physical contact is related to women, men distance themselves from monks; it will also be respectful. Also, keep yourself below every monk. That is, you should not stand taller than monks. Never stand when a monk is sitting down!

  • Don’t fun on the road or in public.

If you are looking forward to a visit to Thailand, then you must know this! Thailand is one of the Asian cities in the world! And similar to other countries in Asia, they forbid any show of romance in public! So, if you visit such cities, endeavor to show concern and respect to their eastern way of life and respect yourself whenever you’re in public places.

Even if you feel like hugging, kissing, and showing all manner of romantic gestures could lead to problems. In Thailand, a little romantic show like; holding hands could only be done in secret. There is always high time to display your love alone or in secret! To them, the higher the privacy, the more the romance!

  • You must not dress sexy whenever you want to visit the holy places.

Unlike other places where people are free to visit holy places the way they are, you don’t do that in Thailand! There are many temples in Thailand and none will allow you in with some sexy attire! I bet you’ll wish to visit all of them! Thailand is the place of sex harbour in the world, Thousands of sex workers available to entertain you, You can find easily in local shop affordable sex vibrator or dildos, sex gels & Much more sex toys.

But you know sex is part of life & prayer is also a part of life. So get this in now! Once you wish to visit holy places, make sure you are ready to dance their tune of proper dressing. If not, don’t expect entrance into the holy places!

To them, it’s a mark of disrespect and you may think that they are impolite. For instance, you will not go into the temple with shorts, tank tops as well as mini-skirts! You could be better off wearing pants with some good tops that will cover your delicate body parts and your arms!6.

  • Don’t Touch the heads of people in Thailand.

If you mistakenly touch the head of another person, you have to say sorry with good explanations! You must understand this because when visiting Thailand, touching another person’s head could lead to a lawsuit!

Therefore, if you are used to placing your hand on someone’s head or even completely touching his or her head, you have to master stopping the instinct whenever it comes!

Maybe in your country, it’s a gesture for showing affection and love, but the Thailand government prohibits it entirely! It is seen as being rude to another person!

This is so in Thai because; the head they say is the most sacred holiest section of a human body! They see it as the crown of honor which shouldn’t be defiled!

Therefore, one should be cautious and let people’s heads be! You could only touch the head of someone very close to you, or if you are in a good relationship with such a person, you can touch the head!

  • Don’t visit ping pong viewing places!

Ping pong display in Thailand is always done in shady places. The majority of Thai citizens know how bad those places could be! They are nothing but a scam including the person visiting such places! You can only go there if you are ready to pay any amount charged you for the offense! You will have to pay the bill before getting free or leaving the show.

Do you know what they do there? No one could stop you while you are entering into the club! But once you finish, they will hold you for payment of all the girls that entertained you! Is it not the greatest scam on earth?

Your freedom is just to lure you in to steal all your money. The drinks re very affordable, but, they will not make it clear to a novice that you’ll pay for the drinks took by those girls that displayed one thing or the other! You’ll only see a great and terrorizing bill whenever you’re ready to leave!

  • Don’t look down on the King or a Royal family.

Always know that the adage, “while you’re in Rome, act like the Romans” is true for your safety wherever you go! This wise saying is notable and vital for a very nice stay in Thailand! Now, don’t ever think of saying negative or aggressive things against the King or other Royal blood in Thailand.

Learn to respect the royal families or the main Thai Royal authority. Some records of cases where foreigners showed a negative attitude or behavior to the King did not sound well at all! Don’t try doing similar things!

  • Avoid Hand Shaking.

Even before the world’s social distancing date, Thailand society had started avoiding handshake when greeting! The Thai citizens prefer their local ‘wai’ greeting to the shaking of hands!

To greet like them, merge the palms at your front section and, that is what they call a wai!

  1. Don’t disrespect the Buddha Lord.

Many Thai citizens practice Buddhism! They have great respect and love for Buddha. So if you show respect to their Buddha Lord, they will see you as part of their culture already!

And showing respect toward the Thailand culture as well as their belief is the ultimate for everyone tripping into Thailand!

Whenever you wish to take a snapshot standing by the Buddha, don’t stand or rest on this great God’s or Buddha’s statue. Don’t imitate His pose in at anyway! And, never snap a photo by pointing the feet towards Lord Buddha!

  1. Avoid Taking drugs or selling them.

This is another taboo in Thailand! It is a high-class offense to take drugs or get addicted to drugs. So never you have plans of engaging in any drug business in this holy country. You will be caught!

  1. Avoid Over haggling while shopping.

If you bargain or haggle too much to the extent you want the seller to lose, you will be dealt with. It’s one of the things not to do in Thailand. In Thai, citizens hate such and will take offense as well as become angry over that. Bargaining poorly and getting the prices of items so low will get you into trouble while shopping, so take note!

Always consider how much you are ready to offer for any item you wish to buy, and once it is not on the offering at that price, rest your case! If you bargain to a very low level, for instance, if the given price is higher than your budgeted price, bargain for at most 50 percent. You are free if the price seems too high for you. That will be better than getting into trouble. Leave the store for another one at affordable prices!


You can have a great period in Thailand if and only if you could adhere to these few instructions. There are many alluring places to visit to make your day, but always play safe by avoiding their policies!

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