8 Best and Most Incredible Places to Visit in Ethiopia

Are you seeking for some beautiful places to visit in Ethiopia today? Then read this! Modern-day Ethiopia features numerous jarring things! It’s the confluence of the pack-backers resort and the ancient buff’s Shangri-La, which has an old-fashioned feel because of the olden day’s Christian rituals. It showcases the olden-days obelisks plus the Aksum tombs!

Ethiopia has a beautiful landscape that is not altered with lakes Rocky Mountains, rivers, grasslands, and lowlands! In cultural terms, there exist 7 UNESCO World-Heritage locations there, and you have the option to view recently with turbulent past through the number of left-over plus Russian’s burnt-out tanks! There are too many alluring places to keep you happy forever! However, we have the list of the 8 best and most incredible places to visit in Ethiopia! Tag along to get the places that will make your visit spectacular in Ethiopia!


Ethiopia is known as the “Land of 13 Months.” It is a magical nation with antique as well as mystical roots, enriched with drastic religious history. Also, it has a mind-blowing story to narrate. The splendor of desolate mountains is just outshined by the grand sacred structural design that attracts people to this beautiful country.

It is where myths of the Covenant Ark live shoulder to shoulder and consistent with antique Islamic mosques. From magnificent waterfalls to its lively and up-to-date capital town (Addis Ababa), Ethiopia is an area you must see to confirm. Here are the 8 best and most incredible places to visit in Ethiopia.


  1. Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches

Close to the little Lalibela town, 11 medieval churches are entirely engraved from huge volcanic rock slabs! The churches were generated within the twelfth-century under the supervision of King Lalibela. His vision was to make a “New Jerusalem” for that Christians that were restricted from going to the Holy Land due to Muslim takeovers across the area.

Today it’s still a famous pilgrimage area for Coptic Christians. The most charming of the antique churches include the Biete Ghiorgis or House of Saint George. This church is known for its ceremonial passages, trenches network, and cross-shaped design that links it with the other churches. This World Heritage Site of UNESCO is genuinely part of the 8 best and most incredible places to visit Ethiopia. A visit to this place would leave you impressed by the faith that could move mountains.

  • The Harar Holy City

Harar is the city within the Northeast Ethiopia close to the border with Somalia. It has a vast reign of the Islamic way of life. Its enclosed city labeled “Africa’s Mecca” possesses over 100 mosques. Besides, it’s considered the “4thIslam holy city.”

Harar was developed within the sixteenth century to safeguard the town against religious attackers. While you take a stroll around the city’s paved and tapered alleys, you’ll be welcomed by sociable Harari women wearing glossily colored dresses.

Within a short time, the legend of the “Harar hyena man” would be narrated. And at the gate of Fallana, the “hyena man’ would summon the hyenas using a Harari name. They’ll come up, one after the other, and collect a slice of meat from the stick he’s placed in his mouth. If you’re brave enough, you could try feeding the hyenas with your mouth, just the Hyena man did.

  • Gondar

Settled within the hilltops of Northern Ethiopia, you would discover the legendary town of Gondar. As soon as you’ve gotten to Ras Dashen, the highest peak within the enormous Simien Mountains, you’ll wonder at Gondar, the “Africa Camelot.”

The castle was the primitive dwelling place to Ethiopian Princesses and Emperors, who directed the country for about one thousand years. As soon as you have gotten to the significant site, locate the famous Royal Enclosure, a dwelling place to the major attractions within the city. Besides, you must not miss the Fasiladas’ Bath.

This is the place where the yearly Timkat celebration is done. The bishop blesses the water and splashes it on the pilgrim crowds that visit for their faith to be renewed as well as to participate in the celebration that imitates Christ’s baptism within the River Jordan. While you’re here, don’t hesitate to check Debre Berhan Selassie. This is one of the gorgeously beautiful churches across Ethiopia.

  • Blue Nile Falls

Near the Bahir Dar city, you’ll find one of the 8 best and most incredible places to visit in Ethiopia, and it’s the Blue Nile Falls. The citizens call it ‘Tis- Isat Falls’; it is translated as the “Smoke-of-Fire!” The smoke of fire is the most alluring sight to behold on either the White or Blue Nile!

The Tis-Falls stretches out and falls into a 150ft deep gorge by a ¼-mile wide when it is flood season as well as during drops!

One can easily notice how this falls got its name when one sees it throwing up the everlasting mist which soaks sightseers via ½ mile away. There is also accompanying rainbow, which is awe-inspiring, with a creation of a thick perennial rainforest with luxurious green vegetation! You will never be lonely in this place of ecstasy! The forest serves as a habitat for a wide-spectrum of monkeys as well as beautifully decorated birds!

  • Addis Ababa

You’ll enjoy this Addis Ababa. Apart from being part of the 8 best and most incredible places to visit in Ethiopia, it’s the 4th largest African country and the political dwelling place for AU (African Union). Addis Ababa is located on top of the Mountains of Entoto, with an African and a global feel!

Also, Addis has an ideal supernatural atmosphere, which functions as the entrance to the previous era. There, you can explore the gorgeous orthodox museums and churches.

Ensure to explore the National Museum! There you’ll discover “Lucy,” the 2.3 million-yr-old hardened hominid. Also, go to the Merkato. It’s the biggest outside market within Africa. Here your senses would be awakened by the pungent spices smell as well as roasting coffee smell. The city is revived with a lively nightlife with eateries dishing up exotic Ethiopian food in the evening.

Day tours from Addis ought to comprise the Entoto Mountains, the Awash National Park hot spring, as well as the Debre Zeyit crater lakes. Treat yourself by residing at the Sheraton Addis. You’ll be pampered like royalty within one of the top-rated resorts in Africa.

  • Aksum

Visit Aksum, and you’ll discover more antique history that you could ever think of. Aksum is among the ancient cities throughout Africa. Also, it’s rich in mystery as well as legend. It’s assumed to Sheba Queen’s home and the legendry’s ultimate resting place (Ark of the Covenant). Unluckily, visitors aren’t allowed to enter the church section; they say the Ark is located. However, you could still explore the antique Aksumite obelisks situated in the Field of the Northern Stelae.

The widest obelisk was currently reverted to Ethiopia via the Italian regime, where it was situated for several years after it was moved to Italy in the course of WWII. It’ carcasses and antique legends would charm all history lovers. Besides Sheba legends and the Ark, locals assume that the jaggedly carved tomb of sturdy rock of King Bazen was Balthazar. Also, the magi conveyed Christ’s birth news to Ethiopia.

  • Arba Minch

On the Abaya Lakeshores within Southern Ethiopia, Arba Minch is enriched with natural beauty and wonder. In Amharic, the meaning of Arba Minch is “forty springs.” The region is enriched with numerous petite springs that come up from the ground. You would see lots of them while you hike across the Nechisar National Park.

In Arba Minch, one of the 8 best and most incredible places to visit in Ethiopia, there’s a clifftop sacred position of the church of AbunaYemata. This rock-carved church is located just after a slightly stimulating climb onto the cliff wall. It needs more nerve and no vertigo. However, your endeavor would be vastly rewarded.

Views from this place are astonishing, and in the interior part of this antique sacred church, you’ll discover beautiful and well-preserved murals that embellish two domes.

  • Simien Mountains

Cuddle up within the Northern Ethiopia highlands; you’ll discover the outstanding Simien Mountains. This charm of a place gives you a lost in time feeling with its extraordinary medieval castles and rock-hewn churches. These grand mountains appeared to have its shaped made by nature and are household to an ironic cultural legacy. They now attract people to learn more concerning antique religious locations and to observe the spikey peaks and endless views. The Simien Mountains are household to an exclusive but rare ecosystem, wide-ranging with infrequent and unfamiliar animals such as the Ethiopian wolf, Walia ibex, and Gelada baboon.


The incredible wildlife, extraordinary tribal people, good food, plus great weather, in Ethiopia, cannot be overemphasized! However, one will be making a great mistake by taking Ethiopia as a mere holiday destination. It’s more than that! Ethiopian sights could motivate, inspire, and make your trip forever memorable! Here you go! Plan your trip today and visit these 8 best and most incredible places in Ethiopia!

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