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Lifestraw personal water filter review


If you’re always on-the-go for lots of out-of-doors adventures, we’ve got great news about the best lifestraw personal water filter for you! I bet you need the ultimate lifestraw to turn your travels into a healthier and most memorable moment of your life!

But you will agree with me that the market place these days is full of confusion! All brands are brandishing their product as the best, and no one knows what is best these days! However, everyone needs a drinkable water source notwithstanding your destination.

You ought to get it to avoid dehydration, and also to stay safe! So mistakes aren’t the best for you! Always see the choice of a lifestraw personal water filter as one of the top options you could make for purifying your water during; camping, or hiking! 

So, getting a quality emergency kit will add to the pleasure, and secure you from consuming bacteria, microplastics, and protozoa!

Owing to this, we’ve much you’ll need to know concerning a lifestraw personal water filter! So, keep reading to avail more information concerning the lifestraw personal water filter in 2020!


Every water lifestraw filter has a similar fundamental function which differs a bit from one to another. So, while wondering which straw is the best for you, think about the following features highlighted below!

Weight and Ease of utilization check if it weighs only 2 oz. and also if it is very easy to utilize. A lifestraw water filter should be a featherweight, durable, and compact inside your backpack. Check if its fiber- filter wall provides a high water flow rate. Try to sip using its straw and ensure it filters water when it’s on its way to the mouth. Try getting down by a stream or water source and sip using the LifeStraw straight via the water source. You can as well fill a water bottle, then put the filter into it and start sipping!

  • Functionality- Micron Rating

The best lifestraw filter should be a 0.2-micron filter which physically eliminates 99.9999% of every bacteria, like; salmonella, cholera, as well as E.coli; eradicates 99.9% of every form of protozoa, like; giardia plus cryptosporidium. It should efficiently filter approximately 264 gals. (1,000 liters).

The micron rating refers to the rating which focuses on the mean size of a filter bed holes. Smaller micron rating is better and could ensure that fewer bacteria flow thru the filter, enabling cleaner water.

So if your source of water is river or lakes near the city, you must get a 0.1-micron-sized punctured filter against a range of 0.2-2-microns sized bacteria. Then check if constantly blowing thru the LifeStraw filter after taking water through it cleans and hinders clogging. And find out if it has an adjustable lanyard

  • Portability

The best lifestraw filter should be very portable for camping or hiking, and also can fit in your backpacker! Space is important, and the entire water purification or lifestraw filters here are very compact, yet you might want a greatly compact straw to suit you!

  • Maintenance

Is maintenance easy? Have you checked? The need to repair or clean may arise whenever the lifestraw is not functioning well. Drinking from a water source with lots of impurities, bacteria plus sediments; like lake or river cause damages, and will need repair quickly. 

Then, your water filter will get some dirty particles to clog it. Check if this happens, if the filter system has a unit that will filter off these contaminants and still work well. 

  • Filtration Speed

How fast is the filter bed? If it’s at a very high rate of flow, filtration, and collection water faster! Major portable life straws filter water immediately! 

  • Convenience

Some filter straws are more convenient, it still depends on the choice you made! If bending down is not an issue to you, try using lifestraw water filter straight from the river. However, utilize the ones that can work inside the glass or that which links to a water bottle for camping.

  • Taste Quality

Many chemicals as well as organisms inside your water could change the taste, showing that such water is not neat. Neat waters have no taste, so if this one does, it means that what you have isn’t the best lifestraw filter straw.

  • EPA Standards

The EPA has standards on contaminant amounts that are allowed in your water. This ensures that your water is safe to drink. The best water filter straws follow or exceed these standards.


  1. The Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

This is an ideal water filter straw as it’s confirmed to work properly, thanks to Sawyer’s rigorous testing. Also, it features a pouch that enables you to take water along.

Lightweight and versatile, this mini water filter is portable enough to be carried in your hands. Weighing just 2 ounces, it’s ideal for global travel, camping, or hiking. It uses a 0.1-micron total filtration system for a clean water provision without protozoa, microplastics, or bacteria.

This water filtration straw also purifies the water removing every microplastics. With some tubes to cleanse the water, this straw functions like the tech utilized within the medical dialysis. In this case, your water becomes safe to ingest.

This is an easily used straw filtration system, which enables you to take indirectly from any source of water. Also, it includes an ecological drinking pouch, which enables you to carry your water along with you. 

The rating is approximately 100,000 gallons with an included squeeze pouch which could be reused. It also has a straw for drinking, with a wiping plunger, additionally, the organization; Sawyer tests every individual unit three consecutive times before sales. 


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Wipe away approximately 99.999% of germs
  • Comprises of a pouch used for saving water


  • Complex than other straws.
  • The LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter

This is the most excellent water filter as it filters 100% of bacteria from water. It’s perfect for 1,000L of water before seeking a replacement.

Featuring 2-stage carbon filtration, this is just right for emergency and survival kits, hiking, and camping. With a sleek and durable body, this product would filter out every bacteria and protozoan. 

Also, it features an enabled carbon filter that could be changed. This reduces chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, as well as chlorine.

Good for about 1,000L, you drink odor-free water with good tastes. It takes off about 100% of bacteria discovered inside the water, surpassing the EPA water filters standards set. It could filter nearly 0.2-microns without using batteries or a pump.

Produced from food-grade stainless steel, this product also meets FDA standards set. This water cleanser straw features a steel cap making sure it lasts long durability and weighs just 4.2 ounces. This is an ideal product for disaster kit or global travel.


  • Easy to pack and lightweight
  • Ideal for filtering out parasites and heavy metals
  • Works properly and is accessible


  • Straw ought to be clued-up
  • The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This is the most excellent water filter straw as it filters at least 99.999% of bacteria. Also, it could last for at least 4,000L before you start thinking of replacing the filter.

It is durable and therefore, this LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Straw utilizes hollow fiber membrane tech to give safe sipping water at any point you find yourself. With the feature of cleaning 4,000L of unclean water, this LifeStraw is an ideal option for outdoor adventures or global travel.

Weighing just 2 ounces, this lightweight LifeStraw would not add more weight to your pack. Therefore it is simple to carry along during hiking or camping. Easy to utilize in ponds, lakes, as well as rivers, this LifeStraw is an ideal item to add to your disaster or emergency kit as well.

This purification straw for water is capable of filtering away protozoa and bacteria nearly 0.2 microns giving at least 100% removal exceeding the EPA standards. This is an ideal choice for iodine tablets and purifiers due to its great flow rate when you’re drinking directly from any water source.


  • Awesome when utilized properly
  • Ideal for camping and hiking
  • Very simple to drink out of


  • You must lower yourself to any water source to be able to use


Based on our review criteria, the Sawyer MINI Water Filtration Straw is our pick. It’s the most excellent water filter straw that stands out of all these ideal choices. It’s not heavy, and very portable to slide into your pack with ease. 

However, the whole water filtrations we listed here give total filtrations at 0.1-microns. Therefore, there’s no need to worry concerning protozoa, microplastics, as well as bacteria despite the water source you’re drinking from.

It’s simple to use and allows you to drink directly from any water source depending on your choice. Properly tested before it’s even marketed and delivered to buyers, these water filtration straws are the best water filter straws when it comes to cleaning contaminated water.

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