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Best Sleeping bags for Camping in 2020

Wherever your trips take you, from backwoods to back porches to national parks, camping sleeping bags remain the reliable companion. As weight and space aren’t at a quality rate when you could drive to your location, the comfort dial could get turned gradient.

You won’t suffer in the night lying inside an astringent mummy bag; therefore options within this group tend to incline towards a conventional rectangular shape or a spacious mummy. A few lightweight alternatives also work well in pulling double duty to make backpacking trips easy.

Below we’ve listed out the best sleeping bags for camping, and if you need some things to consider before buying any of these sleeping bags, tag along with this write-up.


  • Price

Camping is ideal, and one of the ideal facts about walking, or driving to your destination, is that you don’t have to take any special thing from your sleeping bag.

Typically, you can find a perfect sleeping bag that’s worth $100. Spending more brings features such as softer touch shell fabrics as well as lighter total weights, which some campers can afford. However, most campers would like a tough nylon shell, healthy synthetic fill dose, as well as a cozy flannel lining.

  • Sleeping Bag Shapes

Camping Sleeping bags come in two widespread shapes and categories. They are mummy bags and rectangular bags. The rectangular bags give enough room to roll up and form a mummy design. These versatile sleeping bags could always be unzipped down on one side and the base to be utilized as a big blanket for 2 persons.

If you’re in search of an all-inclusive alternative for the best backpacking sleeping bag, then you could go for a mummy-style bag. Mummy sleeping bags spruce away material within the hips, shoulders, as well as feet for the shape that imitates your body. You can should anyone that suits your needs.

  • Temperature Rating

It’s important to consider the temperature ratings of your selected sleeping bag. Unlike bags for backpacking, which are typically assigned a rating via an identical procedure (EN rating system), individual producers allocate the ratings for most of the camping bags.

Rectangular bags with a wide aperture on one end would not hold heat unlike sealed off mummy bags that can hold heat. At the end of the day, the temp rating has value and you ought to utilize it as a primary strategy.

In selecting the ideal estimated rating, try to obtain a concept of the very coldest temp you will be coming across during the night. With that, it’s ideal to invest or pay for a little shock absorber to prevent yourself from catching a cold (we suggest an extra 10-15o). 

Several campers go for camping during the warmer months. In the warmer months, they go for their al fresco adventuring, and consequently, the majority of the sleeping bags here are ranked within the range of 25-40 degrees.


  1. North Face Eco Trail Bed 20

Mummy bags are well-known for backpacking as well as camping, however, rectangular bags have much space and could give an improved sleeping experience. This is one of the best sleeping bags for camping with a great rating of 20o temperature.

It is ideal for 3-season camping in different kinds of conditions. This sleeping bag features a premium build and feels together with niffy info such as a full-length zipper, which could be opened with using with a blanket.

Note that this rectangular bag is not lightweight. However, it provides warmth and is not built for traveling far from the car or backpacking. The comforter-like system offers you flexibility and enough room based on the temp.


  • Provides warmth
  • Gives sturdy comfort
  • Build quality
  • Synthetic fill


  • Non-pricey
  • Rei Co-op Siesta 30 Double 

We said that the rectangular-shaped bags are nice, not to talk of double! So if you are seeking to get a good sleeping bag for your camping activities, get this bag! You won’t regret this option!

The temperature rating is approximately 30°F and the bag is completely made of synthetic. The Weight is approximately 6 lbs and it is highly durable. The bag is one of the most portable super comfy options for you and one other, that’s two campers. 

The REI Siesta Dual bag is highly adaptable, and you can set both sides of the bag separately. There is no middle divider; rather each of these features its side plus feet zippers to regulate temperature. 

One can open the bag up for utilization as in quilt form. During warmer summer nights, the user could sleep upon the top of each layer as one wants. The soft-touch fabrics together with the 30-degree temperature scaling rating will make the whole sleeping moment memorable! 


  • The sleeping bag is highly durable
  • Affordable
  • It gives room and warmth 
  • It can take two people at once


  • Heavy-duty bag
  • Bulky to put down 
  • Coleman green valley

Get this unique sleeping bag for your camping moments! They are rectangular and highly durable due to the synthetic material used. The temperature rating is approximately 30°F. The weight is 4 lbs. 12 oz and the bag is reasonably priced! 

The bag is reasonably comfortable during warm weather. And it is of Bulky, with an affordable material. You can get a stuff bag to get along with.

It is heavy and features an outer layer of lick nylon with a flannel-like covering which can be softer. It is quite affordable and yet gets the task done for you during car camping, and for lying on the bunk in the Airstream. You can use it in accommodating some buddy upon a couch, or for keeping a dog hair away from your backseats. 

The Coleman green valley offers great insulation, which is rated as 30- to 50-degree in temperature. The bag is somehow less warm, although some feature construction quality as well as completely basic materials


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Gives you great comfy


  • Not strong
  • Nemo forte 20

Are looking for a bag in the category of mummy shape? Then get this bag for your ultimate feel! The Temperature rating is 22°F and the material makes is Synthetic together with a weight of 2 lbs. 14 oz! You will like the nice mixture of comfy feel, weight, as well as its packability. You will have everything to grab and nothing to lose!

It’s the ultimate for campers searching for the best sleeping bag which could pull heavy -duty on an occasional backpacking journey. Nemo’s Forte with its 22-degree temperature scale, a weight of sub-3-pound, as well as its decently packable structure. 

This forte is highly serviceable whenever you are engaging in a backcountry trip. You could not get a better comfy for camping than in this bag! We can’t overestimate the unique “spoon-like” structure, which looks like the mummy bag.

There is a great space around the elbow and knees, making it less restrictive in the inner section. It is great for side sleepers plus those who like turning and tossing. 

It’s quite affordable when you compare the price with others in the marketplaces. 


  • Good for car camping 
  • Good for backpacking use
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Don’t expect a premium feel. 
  • Kelty Cosmic Down

Here is another mummy structurally shaped bag for your comfy trips! The temperature rating is 19°F, with a 600-fill DriDown. The weight is 2 lbs. 6.6 oz. and you may like this great crossover bag because of its down insulation and affordable price. Consider getting this item of quality and uniqueness!

The Kelty’s popular Cosmic features on both the backpacking plus camping bag list in 2020 because of the modification and revamp in the previous year. The new 20-denier shell-fabric brought the weight down to something impressive; 2 pounds 6.6 ounces for the regular sizes! 

The bag gives you cozy warmth as well as good compressibility, and yet it is affordable when you look at its price. For better operation during wet conditions, it features a hydrophobic therapy that wipes water that mistakenly gets into it. 

You should keep this item very dry, noting that additional security plus a 20-degree rating gives this item a great position for nearly 3-season trips. 


  • Light
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Comfy


  • Some heavy travelers may not like it


Wow, you’ve seen the best backpacking sleeping bag, the next time you should do is purchase it. Also when purchasing, check for the bag weight, packability, lining, and zippers. It is good to confirm that they are made with durable materials to ensure longevity.

In addition, you can decide whether to buy double sleeping bags or kid’s sleeping bags. However, with this write-up, shopping is now as easy as ABC. With your chosen sleeping bag, camping would now be hassle-free and pain-free!

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