10 best dog travel bag in 2020

What is a dog travel bag?

A dog travel bag stores all of your dog’s stuff for a trip, whether you take a plane, train, or car. This includes dog leashes, food, water bottles, treats, and toys. Unlike a dog carrier bag that physically carries your dog; you wouldn’t use your dog travel bag as a crate.

What gear does my dog need for a weekend trip?

What your dog needs for a weekend trip largely depends on what you plan to do on your trip. For instance, if you plan to go swimming with your dog, you may want to bring along dog shampoo and a towel. For most trips, you will need to pack a leash, collar or harness, dog food, water, bowls, doggy poop bags, and proof of your dog’s vaccinations.

Are dog travel bags waterproof?

Some dog travel bags are waterproof, while others may only have waterproof or water resistant compartments. Each bag offers slightly different features. However, choosing a waterproof dog travel bag can help keep your bag looking like new and your dog’s stuff dry.

What should I think about when deciding to travel with my pet?

There are many factors to think about when deciding to travel with your pet. First, you need to carefully consider what you plan to do on your trip. If you take your dog with you, you will need to stay in a pet-friendly hotel. Some of these hotels charge a pet fee and have breed restrictions, while others, such as La Quinta, do not charge a separate pet fee. In nearly all cases, you will not be able to leave your pet alone in the hotel room while you leave during the day. If your pet barks loudly, you could be asked to leave if he disturbs other guests.

Second, be aware of the weather conditions of where you’re traveling. If you plan to travel up north in the winter months, you won’t have the luxury of pet-friendly campgrounds and restaurant patios to visit. Since you can’t leave your pet in the car, traveling alone during these months can make pit stops more difficult, if not impossible. It might be worth the extra cost to fly with your dog in these cases.

Lastly, consider your pet’s temperament. Anxious or loud dogs could make the trip more difficult, as you’ll want to make sure that your dog is comfortable and safe. Some dogs thrive on vacations, while others would have preferred to stay at home.

Important Features to Consider

A dog travel bag should have several important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a dog travel bag:

  • Food carrier bag. Since your dog won’t have access to his regular food bowl while traveling, you’ll need to bring his food along with you. A special food carrier bag can keep your pet’s food fresh and safe from rain or pests.
  • Food and water bowls. Many dog travel bags come with food and water bowls to use while out. Collapsible, lightweight bowls may be easier to carry and store while not in use.
  • Blanket. Dogs love to be comfortable while out. A blanket that comes with your dog travel bag means that you don’t have to risk damaging your pet’s favorite blanket while out. A blanket can be used to cover the ground, as a dog bed, or to keep your pet warm.
  • Toys. Some dog travel bags come with built-in toys that can keep your dog distracted and playing during your trip.
  • Size. There are dog travel bags available in all sizes. Be realistic about how much space you need and consider whether you have more than one dog before you decide which one to buy. If you fly with your pet, make sure that the bag meets airline specifications.
  • Zippered storage. Some dog travel bags are completely open, with nothing securing items into the bag. Others have zippered storage compartments, mesh, or elastics to keep pet supplies in place.
  • Compartments. Divided compartments within the dog travel bag can keep your dog’s stuff organized and easily accessible.
  • Stored size. Unless you have unlimited closet space at home, you want to choose a pet travel bag that doesn’t take up much space to store.
  • Machine washable. Dog travel bags can get dirty during travel. A machine washable bag makes it easy to keep the bag clean.

Let’s have 10 most popular dog travel bag of 2020.

  1. Wahl Professional Animal Paw Print Travel Tote Bag

The Wahl Professional Animal Paw Print Travel Tote Bag is our top pick for dog travel bags because of its combination of portability and organizational features. Many pet bags focus on fitting as much stuff for your dog as possible while being large and bulky. This bag is designed to fit your pet’s and your stuff inside in a way that keeps it small and portable.

This bag has several external pockets including slip and zippered pockets that can fit a variety of things including documents. While it may seem limiting, this bag has the space needed for all of the essentials. That way, you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavier bag full of things that you don’t use.

Transporting this bag is easier as well. It comes with a matching padded shoulder strap that you can adjust to the appropriate length for your body. It also has two handles that you can combine into a single padded carrying handle. Either way, it is lightweight and comfortable for your hand or shoulder.

Wahl Professional Animal Paw Print Travel Tote Bag Key Features: 

The Pet party is our runner up pick for dog travel bags because it gives many of the features that you need in a more fashionable package. It is one of the more stylish options available with a two-tone vertical stripe and metallic leather highlights. Combined with white zippers and a clear logo, this bag projects a level of fashion focus that most bags fall short on.

One of the best features that this bag offers is the oversized, rounded handles. They are coated in soft leather that serves as padding for your hands or shoulders. They are also anchored with metal connector brackets for added durability and security. All of the external pockets are zippered as well to make sure that you don’t lose anything while you are traveling.

Petparty Fashion Cat & Dog Carrier Handbag Cat Dog Purse Key Features: 

The Hubulk Dog Carrier Bag Pet Tote Bag Doggie Handbag Cat Purse is out top budget pick because it gives you a fashionable look and the convenience of a carrying bag on a budget. If you don’t have a dog travel bag or you are looking to replace one, this is a good option to increase your options without spending too much.

At just $26, you can get your hands on this bag. It has a tan and brown finish with large rounded shoulder straps. The center compartment is designed for carrying a small or medium-sized pet. There are several external pockets that button shut and can be used to carry your or your pet’s supplies.

The best feature of this bag is the level of convenience that it provides. It has enough space for your stuff and your pet, which reduces the need for multiple bags. It is also designed for stability and pet comfort with a thicker and less flexible bottom, as well as air holes and mesh linings for breathability.

Hubulk Dog Carrier Bag Pet Tote Bag Doggie Handbag Cat Purse Key Features: 

The Betop House Pet Carrier Tote around Town Pet Carrier Portable Dog Handbag Dog Purse is our top pick for pet carrier purses because it is more versatile than many other dog travel bags. It is designed for carrying pets as well as your stuff, so you can use it how you see fit. It comes with a large center section and two outside pockets. The center can be used for carrying pets, but also has a removable bottom so that you can carry other materials as you see fit. Just remove the pad and you won’t have to worry about dog hair getting in your stuff. This bag also makes a good dog carrier. It has mesh sides on each end for visibility and breathability. The pad insert adds extra comfort while the bottom is more rigid so that it won’t sag under the weight of your pet either.

Betop House Pet Carrier Tote around Town Pet Carrier Portable Dog Handbag Dog Purse Key Features: 

From family days out through road trips and camping to international flights make taking your dog along easy with this convenient, well designed dog travel bag. The Dog Travel Bag by Kenley has multiple pockets keep all your dog gear organized. It allows you to store up to 8 cups of dry food in each of the 2 included food containers. Make with FDA certified food-safe lining, they are designed to be sturdy, lightweight and compact. Carry handles make them ideal for grab-and-go dining on the road.

With a stylish design, this Kenley dog tote doesn’t look like a pet accessory. At 15x14x7 in, the bag is suitable for use as an airline carry-on. With a capacity of 24 liters, it easily holds food for 1 large dog or 2 small dogs for a week, as well as toys, collars, leashes and medicines.

Key Features:

  • Multiple pockets keep accessories, medicines, food and toys separate
  • Holds enough for 1 large or 2 small dogs for a weeklong trip
  • Includes 2 dry food carriers and 2 collapsible silicone bowls
  • Airline carry-on size dog gear organizer by Kenley
  • Duffle bags

The Dog Travel Bag – Day Away Tote for All Size Dogs is our top pick for traveling with puppies or small dogs. It gives you enough room to pack everything that you need for a small or young dog in an easy-to-manage bag. That way, you don’t have to struggle to wrangle a puppy, your bag, and a large dog bag too.

This bag has a large center pocket, as well as three front pockets. There is also a large mesh pocket on the back where you can keep things that you need to get to quickly. This bag is travel-ready and meets airline carry-on standards. If you are using a rolling bag for yourself, this bag attaches to the pull-up handle to make carrying your entire luggage even easier.

One of the best features that this bag offers is its overnight travel design. It is designed to give you enough room to pack what you need for a day trip. That includes a food container that can carry up to eight cups of food. It is lined so that it won’t release food or food dust into the bag and onto the rest of your stuff.

Dog Travel Bag – Day Away Tote for All Size Dogs Key Features: 

  • Large mesh external pocket
  • Carry-on ready
  • Lined food carrier included
  • Attaches to luggage handle
  • Jomo Gear Dog Travel Bag

If you like the idea of a pre-assembled travel kit for your dogs, then check out the Jomo Gear Dog Travel Bag. It contains ten items that you will likely need to keep your dog comfortable while traveling. The bag itself is made of high-quality nylon, which makes it durable and lightweight. Measuring 18 x 12 x 12-inches, it has more than enough room to fit everything that you need.

Inside the bag, you’ll find dog bowls, a lease, and waste bags; treat containers, a brush and lint roller, a toy, and a microfiber towel. That way, you can be ready for your first few trips quickly without having to make other trips to the store.

Key Features:

 When traveling with a pet, having a lot of storage space for supplies can make a big difference in the quality of the trip. This RUFFWEAR-Haul-Bag-Dog-Gear-Bag-Forest-Green has a 25L storage compartment that makes fitting supplies in easy. If that is not enough, it has mesh and zippered external pockets for extra storage space. This bag has an integrated shoulder strap that is both adjustable and soft for your comfort. The bag is made out of Polyester, which makes it water-resistant and tear-resistant.

Key Features:

This Wahl-Professional-Animal-Carry-all-Tool-Bag-93195 is a great option for carrying all of the supplies that you need in one bag. It is made out of thick canvas material, which makes it highly durable in all travel conditions. With a reinforced bottom and a steel insert structure, it can handle heavy loads as well. The handles are designed to avoid wear while still being comfortable. There is an adjustable and padded long shoulder strap included as well.

Key Features:

This BETOP HOUSE Fashion Dog Carrier PU Leather Dog Handbag Dog Purse is a good option from traveling as well. It is made out of a soft material that adds padding for your dog. The top and sides are made out of a durable mesh that makes the inside breathable and highly visible. The top opens all the way across to give you better access for moving your dog in. There is also a security leash to help keep your dog safely inside the bag during travel.

Key Features:

  • Chain and leather strap shoulders
  • External pockets
  • Lease hook
  • Wide top opening
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