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Most popular best 6 person tent in 2020

Whether you’re thinking of car camping or entering the hills for backcountry adventure, a 6 person tent is an ideal way to have great delight in the outside. These large tents are wide enough for a simple family, so they’re perfect for those outside retreats.

If you’re an outdoor lover, then it’s great to go for a reliable, durable, spacious, versatile, and comfortable 6 person tent. Since all tents are not equal, we have shortlisted the best 6 person tent that would make your camping experience superb!

So if you’re keen to find the best 6 person tent, then tag along with this write-up!


Buying the best 6 person tent entails being on the lookout for what to get. If you’re looking for a 6 person tent, consider these points:

  • Weight & Pack Size

Weight plus pack size is of great importance whenever you’re backpacking. You’ll have to consider carrying the tent, plus other things. Therefore, you’ll have to think of the space available for other items.

  • Intended Use

Producers’ manufacture tents in numerous designs while setting their mind on some specific usages. It could be for car camping, backpacking, or other things. The strategized use of the tent has a significant impact on its outside performance.

So, whenever you buy a tent, you must consider what you want to use it for. For people who love backpacking, they’ll probably like using a featherweight model, which could be more durable for remote utilization. If your activities are only by the street, choosing a more substantial but comfortable automobile camping edition could be the best option.

  • Setting Up & Taking Down

Another thing to consider is the ease of setting it up and putting it down. That will help you know how many times you can use it comfortably. You might try assembling it single-handedly, but it wouldn’t be as easy as when others are there to help.

  • Interior Space plus the Height

Most six people’s tents are of unequal sizes. When six people seek to sleep in a 6 people tent, they should consider the tent’s additional space available for slight movement. It is advisable to look for tents with extra communal areas like the vestibule or screen room.

  • Weather Resistance, Season Raking such as; Single versus double Wall plus Ventilation

Get an aluminum pole instead of fiberglass ones. They’re more solid and could resist the wind much. A rainfly covering the whole tent could help to keep the rain out. On the other hand, a single-wall tent integrates with the rain, but their set up might be more accessible, but it will reduce the elasticity of a sole, adjustable rainfly. This will cause moisture to gather on the inner surface during rainy and humid conditions.

  • Comfy

What fun could you possibly get from cramped quarters? A cramped quarter comprises of inadequate vertical spaces where one could relax lunched over. Having enough ventilation, which enables airflow, will add to your comfort element.

  • Seasons

The top tent for camping can last for 3-4 seasons. The 3-season tents can be of use for summer, spring, as well as autumn camping when the temperature is light with a snow-free period. Tents needed during these seasons are usually lighter as well as more breathable. They are made for use in warmer environments.

Consecutively, the 4-season edition can be used during the winter season. Major 4-season versions are sometimes thicker and costly compared with their 3-season counterparts since they usually resist stronger forces of winds and wintertime snow.

  • Footprints

Consider the tent floor. Do you see it as something that could withstand many fights from your feet? Therefore, consider if the tent could sufficiently resist stamping and if it is durable and sturdy. You won’t need another footprint or floor sheet.

  • Accessories

Another issue to consider is whether the producer markets replacement parts, which might get lost or damaged or lost, like tent poles. You will need those spare parts to replace what got spoilt or damaged instead of purchasing a new tent.


  1. Big Agnes-Dog House 6

Big Agnes sounds very funny in its title, but it’s somehow comfortable than others with alluring names. It is made to merge value with tractability. Dog House 6 offers a sufficient internal living room at an affordable price.


  • Its sole wall shield could serve a whole family on their camping trips. The steep-sided walls could optimize the outside living room. You could install it easily owing to the external pole layout.
  • There is no need for fretting about having an interior section of the tent moist when pitching in the rain. Dog House-6 has a huge door for easy entrance plus an extra-large back window for allowing ventilation in summer months.


  • It is affordable
  • And it is worth the price
  • Spacious interior
  • Quick set up
  • Simple set up when the rain sets in
  • Huge end window for air


  • They are not suitable for backpacking
  • Finest featherweight – MSR Habitude 6

They’re suitable for your future backcountry trip. They have high ceilings to enable you to stand upright while you’re in it. It can accommodate 6 people at an outdoor experience.


  • The tent is very easy to fix within some minutes, because of the plastic pole layout. Habitude 6 features integrated porch lighting at the entrance to produce entry with exit quickly for all in mid-evening. It’s ideal for your summer backpacking trips for a family.


  • Very tall for standing up indoors
  • Incorporated porch lighting to help you at nighttime
  • Quick installation layout
  • Highly durable materials
  • Featherweight and quite accommodating


  • Costly
  • Kelty Sequoia 6

Some good news about this tent is that 1 person could fix it “in a twinkle of an eye” because of the near-instant layout!


  • Kelty is the best for Auto-Camping. It has enough space and it’s comfortable. The Sequoia 6 features a large outside house to give you a car camping moment! The super high tent can house many people comfortably, and the 6′ ceilings could give top comfort.
  • To support venting, Kelty 6 has massive mesh walls for eradicating bugs, yet enables good airflow. Inside the tent is a tiny storage pocket with gear loft-loops to help everybody stay organized at once.


  • 6-foot tall ceiling Is Quite spacious
  • The large interior could comfortably sleep
  • Mesh paneling allows for lots of ventilation
  • Plentiful pockets and gear loft loops for business


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Just 1 door
  • Coleman Montana 6 – for Auto-Camping

Get this for an automobile camping period, especially in the evenings. The Coleman 6 has much to offer as it offers a broad spectrum of room for family relaxation and unwinding.


  • There is a big awning on the entrance, which offers a tiny space for tool storage plus some security against other elements.
  • In the tent, a proprietary Weather Tec technique is set up to wade off the rain as well as keep the user dry. The background of the Montana 6 maintains the tent from winds of about 35 mph!
  • The tent features a lot of windows, making it more breathable with a space like the double queen-sized airbeds.


  • Quick installation system
  • Wide windows for ventilation
  • Tiny awning on the entrance


  • It is not very tall.
  • Most exquisite 6-Person Cabin Tent – Coleman Cabin Tent

Get this 6 person tent if you hate pitching tents! Many have positive reviews about this tent as the dream tent for every family going on camping!


  • This Coleman Cabin design is easy to set up, and it allows you to get shelter pitched within 1 minute.
  • There is a large dual door that leads to a spacious inside. Coleman Cabin can accommodate six campers inside their sleeping bags. It features two queen-sized air beds which fulfill the camping needs of the user.


  • Affordable
  • Easy installation within a minute
  • Spacious inside


  • It is a heavy item
  • 6-Person Backpacking Tent-A Marmot Limestone 6

The Marmot Limestone 6 could fulfill your dream of taking the whole family members to a camp! Check it out!


  • It has a free-standing model with pre-bent sticks. The Limestone 6 also features a straight-sided wall that helps to optimize the interior space and provide space for relaxation.
  • The tents huge sized D-shaped doors and the 2 vestibules are for sufficient tool storage for all the family.
  • Furthermore, one can fix a headlamp via its lampshade pocket for lightening up the entire Limestone six tents for card games in the night plus pleasure before sleeping.


  • The inside section is spacious
  • Straight-sided walls
  • Double huge doors as well as vestibules
  • Many tool storage options
  • Easy installation within a minute


  • Very costly


Each tent here possesses some stand-out features. Whether it’s spacious or the value is just right, you’re inevitably going to find the best for you. However, with the vast range of 6 person tents available for sale, it could be challenging to get the most excellent one, which is perfect for your demands.

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